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Could Trump and Xi Jinping Have Made a Deal Over North Korea?

Having been closely following the news on the Korean peninsula over the last few weeks, a thought occurred to me, one I hadn’t exactly seen suggested elsewhere. In many ways, the situation in N. Korea greatly resembles the Cuban Missile … Continue reading

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What Would A New American Civil War Look Like?

(The below scenario was written just before the 2016 election. With Trump’s victory, it remains untested…for now) Writing this the day before the 2016 US election I find myself wondering, along with many others, exactly what the result will be … Continue reading

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People Have Always Thought The World Was Ending

Now that the 2012 phenomenon is behind us, perhaps its time to pause, take a breath, and ask the question—why were so many people so willingly duped? What is the cause of this mass hysteria? If the (relatively) educated people … Continue reading

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