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What if the Axis Had Won World War Two?

In the genre of ‘alternate fiction’ there’s probably no possibility more commonly pondered than how the Axis countries might have won WW2 and what the resulting world would have looked like. Many authors have tackled this subject and there’s a … Continue reading

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People Have Always Thought The World Was Ending

Now that the 2012 phenomenon is behind us, perhaps its time to pause, take a breath, and ask the question—why were so many people so willingly duped? What is the cause of this mass hysteria? If the (relatively) educated people … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Most Extraordinary Things About The Battle Of Stalingrad

Stalingrad by Antony Beevor is a book every man should read. The brutal, five-month struggle between the German Wehrmacht and the Red Army broke new records in human brutality. The Soviet counter-offensive towards the battle’s end, trapping and annihilating the Sixth Army, … Continue reading

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Why The Native Peoples Were Doomed

We’re soon to have Australia Day here down under. This involves a lot of beer drinking, barbeques, fireworks displays and social justice circlejerks over events that occurred centuries ago. More than most countries, Australia is still in the midst of a serious guilt trip … Continue reading

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