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5 Ways To Avoid The Bottom Of The Social Hierarchy

Many will never admit it, but the forming of hierarchies is a natural and inevitable result of any social grouping. The moment you join a new group of people (a class, workplace, sports team) individuals will begin undertaking subtle tests … Continue reading

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Why The Native Peoples Were Doomed

We’re soon to have Australia Day here down under. This involves a lot of beer drinking, barbeques, fireworks displays and social justice circlejerks over events that occurred centuries ago. More than most countries, Australia is still in the midst of a serious guilt trip … Continue reading

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The Deregulation of the Sexual Marketplace

Even to the casual observer, the realities of western dating today can seem bizarre. Contradictions are everywhere. How are there so many promiscuous, “slutty” women around, and yet so many desperate twentysomething virgin males? How are there so many “alpha” … Continue reading

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